What is Shippingcluster?

Shippingcluster is a social network, tailored the needs of the global maritime industry, eliminating unrelated noise, making people and business easy to find and be found. The social network platform makes it easy to communicate and share information, providing the industry the missing communicative link.

Who is Shippingcluster for?

Shippingcluster Is exclusively for the maritime industry. A unique value proposition to four distinct target groups ensures an industry service tailored to meet the needs of each segment:


The idea of connecting these four target groups has grown out of discussions with academia, business and industry clusters, identifying a global need of sharing competencies, innovation needs and job opportunities.

How does it work?

A unique industry keyword engine connects relevant maritime information with relevant maritime people, including people, companies, jobs, events and news, etc. People subscribe to information of interest, using industry keywords, and get updated when relevant information is made available. Initially, the following services are offered under the slogan "Find and be Found":

  • People: One network for all maritime professionals and students. Search and find people and competence using industry keywords. Maintain one industry profile and engage with the greater maritime community. Maritime documents can be uploaded, enriching the profiles.
  • Companies: One network for all maritime companies and training institutions. Search and find companies and educational institutions, including products and services offered. Navigate the industry using industry keywords, quickly connecting relevant people with relevant services.
  • Maritime jobs: Find all maritime jobs in one place, find jobs that fit your profile, browse jobs using industry keywords, subscribe to future vacancies and be automatically notified when the right job with the right company becomes available.
  • Events: Search, find, book and stay up to date on relevant industry events. Browse events using industry keywords, subscribe to updates and be automatically notified when events of interest are published.
  • Thesis & Papers: Connects academia and maritime companies, consolidates maritime thesis and papers into one industry knowledge hub. Simplifies connecting students with companies and vice versa, including topics for master and bachelor thesis.
  • Wired: The industry wall; consolidates all maritime activities into one industry wall, similar to activity streams in other social networks, however updates are purely operational. People subscribe to updates based on professional interest using industry keywords.
  • Messages: The built in messaging-services makes it easy to reach out to peers and connect, while at the same time providing a level of insulation and avoiding vulnerability of exposing personal details such as private email address and phone numbers.

Other maritime services including integration of 3rd party services will be made available in parallel with the network growth.

Why does the industry need this?

The maritime shipping industry serves more than 90% of the global trade and is largely based on networking. Surprisingly, it has not had its own social media platform - until now. Shipping is a genuine people business where personal relationships play a central role in the business dynamics. The maritime world is getting more complicated and social media technologies represents new and exciting opportunities. Shipping has always been very network-driven — the rolodex of contacts. For the next generation of professionals, this rolodex is in social media.

Opposed to generic social networks that have a cross industry focus, Shippingcluster has a vertical industry focus. We believe generic networks have a too broad focus, because maritime professionals do not want to network with brain surgeons and landscape gardeners.

Who's behind Shippingcluster?

Shippingcluster is created for the industry by people from the industry. We are really passionate about shipping and with your help we enable the best maritime network ever!